Drive-From South to North
Through National Highway No. 1
Rende Interchange→Dongmen Rd→Beiman Rd→Chengung Rd→Sec. 2, Lin-an Rd→ Monalisa De Hotel。
Through National Highway No.3 or No.1
National Highway No.1/No.3→86th Expressway→Sec.1 to Sec. 3 Yung-Cheng Rd→Sec.1 to Sec.3 Hai-an Rd→ Monalisa De Hotel
Drive-From North to South
Through National Highway No. 1
Yongkang Interchange→Yen-xin→Jhong-Jheng South Rd→Sec.4 / Sec.3 Xiemen Rd→ turn right when it hits GungYuan South Rd→ Monalisa De Hotel
National Highway No.3→ National Highway No.8
Hai-Dian Rd→ tuen left at the intersection of Wen-Xian Rd and Chung-Hua North Rd→Chung-Hua North Rd→turn right when it hits Hai-An Rd→ Monalisa De Hotel
By HSR/Train

HSR Tainan Station→Transfer by train about 20 mins(Sharon Station to Tainan Main Station)→By Bus(0Left)→next to the park/Hi-Life convenience store→Monalisa De Hotel

Add:No.219, Sec. 2, Lin’an Rd., North Dist., Tainan City 704, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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