Classic Double Room
We hope the warmness from the floor, which is made by timber from Portland can sweep your tiredness away.
(4600 NTD, Weekday 1880 NTD)
Business Double Room
A room in the color grey and black, with mature and special style which makes it neat and well-executed.
(3700 NTD, Weekday 1580 NTD)
Chinese Style Room
The heavy color are put together vividly, strongly expressing the style of the room, here you can experience the peaceful Chinese style.
(6100 NTD, Weekday 2880 NTD)
Elegant Quad Room
A room decorated with geometric figure and smokey woods, also comfort soft light at the bedside, here you can start your day with energy.
(5700 NTD, Weekday 2580 NTD)
Luxury Double Room
Complementary color and tropical style makes the room spacious and refreshing, here you can soak in the fancy graceful aura.
(5000 NTD, Weekday 2180 NTD)
Japanese Style Quad Room
A heartwarming classic bedroom divided its interior by the Japanese folding screen, here you can relax in the Japanese atmosphere.
(6100 NTD, Weekday 2880 NTD)